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Hiroyuki Osada
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Dr. Hiroyuki Osada was born in Fukushima Prefecture, Japan in 1954. He received his B.S. (1978) and Ph.D. (1983) degrees from the University of Tokyo.  He joined RIKEN as a research scientist (1983) and studied with Stuart Aaronson at NCI, Bethesda, USA as a visiting scientist (1985-86). At RIKEN, he was the head of the Antibiotics Laboratory (1992-2008) and is now the director of the Chemical Biology Research Group and a deputy director of the Center for Sustainable Resource Science (2008-present).


His research interests are the discovery of novel bioactive compounds, biosynthesis of bioactive microbial metabolites, and target identification of bioactive compounds. He served as president of the Society of Actinomycetes Japan (2012-2016) and the Japanese Association for Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer (2015-2018). Currently, he is the president of the Japanese Society for Chemical Biology. 


Dr. Osada was a recipient of the Research Promotion Award from the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan (1991), the Sumiki-Umezawa Memorial Award from the Japan Antibiotic Research Association (1996), the Award of the Society for Actinomycetes Japan (2000), the Award of the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (2001), the Award of the Bioindustry Association (2007), the Award of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan (2009), the Inhoffen Award in Germany (2015), and the Special Award of the Agricultural Chemical Society of Japan (2016).


Statement to serve the ICBS as a member of BOD

I am honored to receive a nomination to be part of the board of directors of the International Chemical Biology Society (ICBS). I uphold the mission of ICBS to promote research and educational opportunities at the interface of chemistry and biology.

I am now serving as a president of the Japanese Society for Chemical Biology and my research group in RIKEN has established joint laboratories in Germany, Korea, and China to foster young chemical biologists. If elected as a board member of the ICBS, I would like to use my experience to create an international network of chemical biologists. I am also interested in integrating scientists from different research fields to communicate new research through the International Conference of the ICBS.


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